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The Amazing Story of Amanda and The Reconnection With Bonnie Smith

Bonnie shares an amazing story and very special story of Amanda and the Reconnection with Bonnie. See the video, below. ~~~ Bonnie: “I was contacted by Amandas grandmother , who located me thru  Google …

Amanda was hit by a car in Montreal Canada (visiting with grandparents) while crossing a street in September 2011. 

In January the Dr. said there was nothing that could be done, she was moved to a nursing home and the family told  to expect no further improvement. 

Amanda had been thrown 30-50 ft thru the air , causing severe brain damage. 

I did my first distance healing session with Amanda on May 5 2012… 

Her Mother noted her respirations increased following that initial session as well as an increased movement in her eyes.  

Just a few days later, on May 13 , Mothers Day, Amanda said a sound!  Not an identifieable word but it WAS an actual word.  

 3 Family members were with her to hear this! 

She had not made a sound since the accident.

Amanda was transferred back to her home in California via air ambulance in late May . 

I went to see her in person on June 25 … I did a healing session and also took some Trivedi water for them to infuse after her feedings every day.

Having never seen her before I was pleased that she appeared to hear me and moved her eyes, fingers and legs slightly.   

It was a marked improvement over what I was expecting to see.   

Then one week later I received this video of Amanda and the improvement is dramatic.

UPDATE: July 22nd, 2012 | Amanda Continues To Improve! New Video:

UPDATE: August 5th, 2012 | Message From Amanda’s Mother “Today we have been getting lots of comments about Amanda’s alertness. Her PT stated that she was exceptionally alert today with good movement with her arms, easier for him to move them. She was also moving her right arm on command. Her OT said she was very alert and responsive to her. She was opening her mouth wider when asked and she got her to stick her tongue out a bit. This is kind of new. Amanda would move her month and tongue like she is trying to speak in the past but not try to bring it out. Needless to say the OT was very excited. The CNA’s also commented on Amanda’s alertness. She was really with them they said. This evening we went to she her. At first she was closed mouthed and had her left arm up tight on her chest. While I was talking to her she became a little more alert. I asked her to let me see her teeth, it took a little while but then she open her mouth a bit so I could see them. I asked her if I could see her tongue, I could see that she was trying to stick it out but it only went as far as her teeth. I asked her to bring her left arm down so I could see the tattoo she has on her forearm. I could not believe it, she started to pull her arm down and was looking at the tattoo. Her arm went back up after a bit, but a few minutes later I asked her to do it again and she did. It is hard for her to do anything but to do the same thing twice is huge.”

UPDATE: August 5th, 2012 | New Picture of Amanda




This is unbelievable  :0 This is Amanda who was comatose .

This change is dramatic , to say the least .

Ever since her first distance session , she has been improving but this is  WOW

My mouth is still hanging open !

: )

Life is so very good   🙂

TESTMONIAL – HEALING FOR AMANDA It was the saddest time of my life realizing I could not kiss my baby’s booboo all better. Every Mom has this gift, so I thought, but some booboos cannot be made better with a kiss I realized. I was desperate to find a way to help my little girl so my mother- in –law, understanding my grief went searching for what she believed would be our guardian angel. BOY was she right, she found Bonnie. It took me almost 3 months to actually contact Bonnie, I don’t know why but I guess I was not ready to receive the blessing. When I did contact Bonnie I was immediately struck by an overwhelming feeling that I have received a divine gift. I told Bonnie our story, which she already had some knowledge of from my mother-in-law. Without a single bit of hesitation she believed she could make a difference in Amanda’s life and I felt that too. She started distance healing with Amanda right away. Over the next few days I could sense changes in Amanda. They were not dramatic, as I truly wanted, but they were noticeable. Over the last 4 months Bonnie has stayed in close contact with us, giving her love and caring. She also came all the way to California and took the time to personally visit Amanda. This we were truly grateful for. Her loving and caring nature was visible to all who met her with Amanda. This has been mentioned to me by many people over the months since. They ask if the nice lady will be coming back. If Amanda could speak she would too. Since that meeting Amanda has made what everyone calls dramatic changes. She is alert, aware, healthy and responding in ways that was not predicted by any doctors. I cannot tell you the feeling I get when I am with Amanda. It is like she telling me that she will be OK. What a wonderful feeling. I have been told to always be grateful for my blessings every day and more will come. I am grateful that Amanda is still with us and that she is getting stronger every day. I am grateful for the wonderful people who have come into our life to help us through this difficult time. I am very grateful that Bonnie came into our lives. She is truly a wonderful and caring friend. I do not what we would have done without her. Thank-you Bonnie for taking care of us and sharing your wonderful gifts, and most of all for being you. You have blessed our lives more than you know and we are eternally grateful. **Note from Amanda’s Mom – Thank-you for being my friend when I really needed one. ** Love, Amanda and Family.