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I have had 3 animals treated for various reasons with biofeedback. The first was my thoroughbred horse after injuries sustained when he was frightened by wildlife; cuts, infection, fear, trauma. I had left home for work while he was in a lot of pain not wanting to move or eat. I had requested biofeedback for him and stopped in at Bonnie’s a couple hours later to check in on what the Biofeedback was relaying. Immediately Bonnie noticed his pain was greatly reduced. I drove home at that point to find that my horse was not only walking around but eating, calm and more comfortable. The second animal treated by Bonnie was my cat that had fallen into a 23’ well and was not found for almost a month. Besides being starved and major muscle loss he was acting pretty normal. But as the months went by he deteriorated to the point that he can no longer walk. A diagnosis has never been discovered, but he has definite paralysis of his hind feet. Throughout the ordeal he was given biofeedback and numerous times I knew without talking to Bonnie that he was ‘hooked up’ as his awareness was higher, he was more content, his appetite increased. Although he is still an invalid I have no doubt that the biofeedback has been a huge part of his health and attitude remaining so positive against all odds. The 3 rd animal on treatment now is my great dane that has developed a mass on the top of his head. With combination of dietary additions, ‘Reconnection’ and biofeedback despite instructions for pain relief from the veterinarians he has not needed medication since the combination of these treatments has started. He has issues chewing due to the mass, but his appetite, attitude, playfulness and energy are all normal. I feel that with Bonnie’s help biofeedback gives me another way to communicate with my animals on a deeper level and increased awareness. There have been too many ‘coincidences’ of improved comfort when they have been in receipt of biofeedback treatment to ignore the ability of this connection! ~Shelly

I have been on medications for most of my adult life. Since my first session, I have completely stopped taking the LORAZEPAM 2 mg as well as the VALIUM 10 mg. ” My gp said that these are the hardest drugs to get off of. He was very surprised. My life has been getting better and better. I have always worked at keeping myself in tip top shape; mind body and soul, however since my first session, my health and well-being has accelerated beyond my highest expectations. I would never believe such empowering energy could flow through my body with calm and peace. energy has increase 24/7 I can focus better memory has increased ; short term and long term awareness of the moment has increased control of my emotions has increased allowing me to: · release inner thoughts · release traumas that disturb or distress causing anxiety · release trouble and worry I am more motivated senses have increased It is good to regain control of my life… ~dh

I received a phone call from a client 5 weeks ago. She was asking if there was anything that I could do for her close friend… It was late Friday afternoon ,and she told me that she had just been called to the bedside of a friend… He had full blown AiDs with a pneumonia that would not respond to any medications. His medical team had determined that there was no hope and the next of kin were notified of his grave condition. She anticipated him to die on Friday night or Saturday from what she told me. I agreed to do a Biofeedback & Reconnective session as I do for so many terminal cases. I knew that it would provide peace and love and release pain and other discomforts. The next day she called to thank me and said that he seemed to be much calmer and was certainly in no visible distress. and breathing easier. That was the last I had heard until a few days ago ! (October 19, 2012) The same client called me for another concern and thanked me again for doing the distance session on her friend with AIDS. She said that he has returned to work ? !?!?! He is on a desk job and not doing his full duty job yet ! I am thrilled , to say the least with this case. So many clients I never do hear from again. I usually expect that they have recovered. In a case with such a poor prognosis I never even thought of him returning to work. MIRACLES DO HAPPEN ! (as my mentor Mahendra Trivedi says )

HEALING FOR AMANDA “It was the saddest time of my life realizing I could not kiss my baby’s booboo all better. Every Mom has this gift, so I thought, but some booboos cannot be made better with a kiss I realized. I was desperate to find a way to help my little girl so my mother- in –law, understanding my grief went searching for what she believed would be our guardian angel. BOY was she right, she found Bonnie. It took me almost 3 months to actually contact Bonnie, I don’t know why but I guess I was not ready to receive the blessing. When I did contact Bonnie I was immediately struck by an overwhelming feeling that I have received a divine gift. I told Bonnie our story, which she already had some knowledge of from my mother-in-law. Without a single bit of hesitation she believed she could make a difference in Amanda’s life and I felt that too. She started distance healing with Amanda right away. Over the next few days I could sense changes in Amanda. They were not dramatic, as I truly wanted, but they were noticeable. Over the last 4 months Bonnie has stayed in close contact with us, giving her love and caring. She also came all the way to California and took the time to personally visit Amanda. This we were truly grateful for. Her loving and caring nature was visible to all who met her with Amanda. This has been mentioned to me by many people over the months since. They ask if the nice lady will be coming back. If Amanda could speak she would too. Since that meeting Amanda has made what everyone calls dramatic changes. She is alert, aware, healthy and responding in ways that was not predicted by any doctors. I cannot tell you the feeling I get when I am with Amanda. It is like she telling me that she will be OK. What a wonderful feeling. I have been told to always be grateful for my blessings every day and more will come. I am grateful that Amanda is still with us and that she is getting stronger every day. I am grateful for the wonderful people who have come into our life to help us through this difficult time. I am very grateful that Bonnie came into our lives. She is truly a wonderful and caring friend. I do not what we would have done without her. Thank-you Bonnie for taking care of us and sharing your wonderful gifts, and most of all for being you. You have blessed our lives more than you know and we are eternally grateful. **Note from Amanda’s Mom – Thank-you for being my friend when I really needed one. **” Love, Amanda and Family.

  I have been suffering with an extreme rash and severe itching due to an allergy to honey and eggs. I was just diagnosed with this condition in June 2012. I tried all the possible traditional modes of treatment that were suggested. I did get some minimal relief, but the itch and rash were quite persistent. Bonnie offered for me to participate in her trial daily biofeedback sessions. We started doing the distance healings on the 9 Oct. Today, Oct 30th, I have noticed that the itch on my arms & legs is a lot less aggressive. There are noticeably less inflamed areas. There are a few flair ups when I eat some honey by mistake (hidden in condiments etc) but they aren’t nearly as intense. I am also dealing with some deeply ingrained emotional issues. I have definitely noticed a sense of peacefulness since Bonnie started her healings. Overall this has been a good experience and it was all done with distance. C.R.

I signed up for Bonnie,s monthly program. I asked to be treated for anxiety and depression. Although I had a tough month with some personal issues, I found that even though I had anxiety daily, and some bouts of depression, I was much more able to get through those times. As well as using the other tools that bonnie has given me. Sincerly, JN

In the last trimester of my first pregnancy 22 years ago I was in constant pain from sciatica. After some months it stopped but re-occurred at the start of my 2nd pregnancy 4 years later. Since that time I have had constant discomfort in my hips. Most days it was bearable but if I did any housework or went to the gym the next day it was real painful and was unable to walk. I had a session with Bonnie for this issue and had miraculous results. It has been 4 days and I have absolutely no discomfort. I even went to the gym and I feel great. Thank-you Bonnie for loving touch. Lorraine

“I went home feeling like I had had a walk on cloud nine! My energy was great all night. I would like to know how the lady with the carpoul (sp) tunnel is doing? Thanks again. I love these sessions.”

“Yes today was an excellent day for me! I cried with joy for an hour for no reason! Yoga was great and I had a nice talk with Janet too. Love love love was all around. I feel like a sponge soaking up all this knowledge. Thank you so much,”

“When went for my apt  4 days ago, on Monday,  I was feeling exhausted and burned out. I am a 65 yr old man that would be considered very active in the past. The past 2 weeks I have felt like my legs are walking through mud , very hard to walk and using so much of the little energy I seemed to have. My tremors were so bad that I was unable to do any fine work with my hands and I am an Artist. After my Reconnective Healing session I felt noticeably better and went home feeling more balanced. I worked all afternoon in my stained glass studio…and felt my hands to be much steadier The same afternoon I went out and cut down a tree on the property. Each day since my session I have had increased energy and stamina. I have ben able to walk further and feel stronger. I have worked on glass every day too. I also notice an improvement in my mood. I am feeling so much better. This is a complete turn-a-round for me. I also have started using the Trivedi products that Bonnie recommended. ”

“Over ten years ago my husband was diagnosed with a blood disorder, that for the most part was manageable through weekly phlebotomy’s. Unless certain levels changed he would have to look at a more invasive way of treating this illness. He went through these treatments for almost two years, then to our horror the doctors advised him this was no longer an option and he would have to look towards possible chemo or bone marrow transplants. Being adopted, having birth relatives a phone call away wasn’t an option. We became desperate and contacted Bonnie. She told us to come up immediately and she would begin treating him. The next doctor’s appointment, which he ran a series of blood tests before visiting, the Doctor looked at him in shock, shook his hand and said, “Go have a nice life.” He went on to say “he hopes he never sees him again” His blood isn’t cured, it is just different and no longer requires the services of an oncologist! A lot of people we have told this story to, many being sceptics has said I can’t prove anything she did worked. This is true, but I also can’t prove prayers work either. When you are desperate you will try all available options which is what we did. I have seen some amazing changes in all of my family’s various ailments over the years. Everything from serious ear infections, hair loss, and help with mood disorders. We as a family have gone almost 5 years without the aids of antibiotics and other prescription meds. In my husband’s case, Sometimes a cure isn’t always available, but if in any way Bonnie can “bend” fate a little while longer then it is worth the visit. ” -Lesley, A seriously faithful client forever!

My reconnective healing sessions with Bonnie “Enthusiastic, is the first word that comes to mind. Bonnie has such a pure-heart intention to help anyone and everyone who is willing to receive it. She is truly a sparkling gem in the healing as a way-of-life profession. My personal experience was that of such a high vibration. It was such a great feeling, safe, comfortable and self-revealing, within a container of peaceful expansion. Thank you for sharing your heart-filled space”. Randy

“I experienced my first reconnective session with Bonnie yesterday. It was different than I had expected. It took me a little while to relax my thoughts and just relax into a state that was much like dreaming. I did not fall asleep. I could hear her moving around me and thought that I knew where she was but soon came to realize that it seemed she was everywhere in the room at once. I felt many energies around me and it felt like there were many people in the room. I had the sensation of pain radiating up one of my legs and across my hips. Some of the pain was in areas that I had prior physical problems. I also felt a slight touch to my side and my toe. When the session ended I was feeling extreme relaxation and it took me a few minutes to return to my normal energy state that I was in just a few minutes ago. When I got home I noticed that I was feeling calmer and more focused than I usually do. I slept very well last night and awakened feeling unusually alert (for me) and energized. ~ ” B.Wilkins

“I am 78 yrs young and my entire life I have been a very active and independent person.. In November I was feeling depressed , weak , lacking in energy and suffering with an ongoing cough that was really exhausting when I experienced the healing session with Bonnie. I had not gone to do my own grocery shopping for 6 months prior to my session. Its hard to describe the great relief I felt and how much my quality of life has improved… My energy has returned to a new high. I am finally able to get back to doing my old activities and this time with more enthusiasm. Thank you for giving me my life back…..” I.C

From: Jamie Sent: Mon, March 7, 2011 7:16:28 PM “New Earth Wellness Inc. is the name. But the owner Bonnie is what the company is about. She has passion for her belief in energy healing. She has helped me immensely with both physical and emotional pain. I have been on a long journey of  healing. After dumping traditional forms of healing including antidepressants, I now am becoming well and healthy. Bonnie truely has a passion for her work. Her love for healing has made a huge difference to my life.”

Letter from Client’s family.. “Some of Barry’s best moments, that he looked forward to, was when you were on your way, to work with him. Just knowing you would be coming would fill him with a new kind of hope. You were always so energetic, and enthusiastic. You were always like a ray of sunshine. I feel your time with him, and what you offered, helped him to make that decision, which allowed him to make his transition with total peace. He always had someone with him, who cared dearly and loved him. Thank you so very much for your honesty, all your time and energy, and all the comfort and care you offered, not only to Barry, but also to our family as well. Thank you again, Bonnie.” With much Fondness — Joan.

Eating Disorder Testimonial with Bonnie Smith… I work with Bonnie and we’re doing a trade of sorts… After two remote sessions across two countries with Bonnie Smith, something extraordinary happened. My lifetime eating disorders disappeared. Now, it wasn’t the healing I was expecting… but in the end, it was crucial to my survival. I don’t know how this happened. But, it is stunning to me and those who know me. They also believe something extraordinary happened. My sessions with Bonnie have been life altering. She is so uplifting, so positive, so filled with healing and hope. This is an unbelievable gift. And now, I want to pass it on! PS: I continued with a local practitioner to follow up with other sessions – MORE MIRACLES ARE HAPPENING that defy my explanation. I don’t even have the words.” With Love, SouthernCaliforniaGirl at gmail.com